iphone targeted web apps on the pre

After I learned that the iphone and the pre share screen resolution I downloaded a few ‘iphone’ wall papers onto my pre.  Then I looked around for other iphone targeted stuff.  I found the Apple hosted catalog of web applications.   http://apple.com/webapps/ designed for the small screen.  So I’m going to start a regular segment in this blog.  Reviewing iphone web apps running on the palm prē.  I’ll start with two in this post; Noter2 and Kingdom Game.

First I have to say I just had my prē hardware replaced and when I did it I failed to backup some of my app data.  Data stored in programs like Mileage Monitor.  Now a program like mileage monitor doesn’t have a automatic or easy way to backup it’s data, so all I failed to do was write down the data on a sticky note.  🙂  This brings me to the first iprē review.

Noter2:  My new favorite thing is going to be web application for things like mileage tracking and notes.  Noter2 is a perfect little sticky note program.  You can ‘categorize’ the notes by creating different lists.  You then view the notes filtered by list.  It works great on the prē

URL:  http://dbelement.com/noter2/webapp/

Kingdom Game:  Tested with webOS version 1.3.5.  This site is a real time kingdom building game.  You build buildings and train armies, explore new land and battle with other players in your world (server).  I’ve been playing for only a day on one of the servers.  The game runs great on the prē.

URL:  http://kingdomgame.net/

 Stay tuned for more iprē reviews