iphone targeted web apps on the pre

After I learned that the iphone and the pre share screen resolution I downloaded a few ‘iphone’ wall papers onto my pre.  Then I looked around for other iphone targeted stuff.  I found the Apple hosted catalog of web applications.   http://apple.com/webapps/ designed for the small screen.  So I’m going to start a regular segment in this blog.  Reviewing iphone web apps running on the palm prē.  I’ll start with two in this post; Noter2 and Kingdom Game.

First I have to say I just had my prē hardware replaced and when I did it I failed to backup some of my app data.  Data stored in programs like Mileage Monitor.  Now a program like mileage monitor doesn’t have a automatic or easy way to backup it’s data, so all I failed to do was write down the data on a sticky note.  🙂  This brings me to the first iprē review.

Noter2:  My new favorite thing is going to be web application for things like mileage tracking and notes.  Noter2 is a perfect little sticky note program.  You can ‘categorize’ the notes by creating different lists.  You then view the notes filtered by list.  It works great on the prē

URL:  http://dbelement.com/noter2/webapp/

Kingdom Game:  Tested with webOS version 1.3.5.  This site is a real time kingdom building game.  You build buildings and train armies, explore new land and battle with other players in your world (server).  I’ve been playing for only a day on one of the servers.  The game runs great on the prē.

URL:  http://kingdomgame.net/

 Stay tuned for more iprē reviews

A week of browsing with the Prē

Ok, so it’s more like 10 days, but it’s hard to carve out time to write.  In my day to day usage of the internet on the prē I hit a variety of website.  I was a heavy user of Blaser (the built in browser in the Palm Centro) and I have to say browsing on the prē is a big step up.  The ability to open multiple browser cards is huge for me.  I use tabs a lot when I browse on a computer, I have 9 tabs open now in the browser that I’m writing this post.  Here is a list of web sites from my history page in the prē.  I took me over a minute to swipe my way to the bottom of the history list.

Sites that just work

  • Social networking sites:  x.facebook.com; twitter.com; ping.fm; twitpic.com; m.flickr.com
  • Search engines:m.bing.com; m.google.com; m.yahoo.com
  • Shopping and research sites:craigslist.org; safecar.gov; edmonds.com; cars.com; amazon.com
  • News and portals: nytimes.com; my.yahoo.com; sprint.com; palm.com
  • aiso.net – my hosting provider (have I mentioned they are 100% solar powered?)
  • calendars.office.microsoft.com – This is a version of Outlook Web Access for the masses.
  • My corporate Outlook Web Access site.
  • marketplace.publicradio.org – I used this site to stream radio programs.

Sites that didn’t work

  • hulu.com – thumbnails work, but this is a flash site and no flash support in the prē (yet).
  • everyoneboysbusiness.msn.com – this is a Silverlight based content site.  No Silverlight on the prē yet either.

Things I love:  Web links that open in a new window work perfectly.  The best example I have of this is cars.com.  You can do a side-by-side comparison of multiple cars on this site, when you are picking the exact model to compare a model windows pops up and asks you to choose the specific engine type.  On the prē this works by opening another browser card.  You select the radio button and click select.  Then use the button to switch back to the original card and your selection from the second card is applied.  This ability to communicate between browser cards is great!  Another good example of this was calendars.office.microsoft.com.  Here the individual calendar items opened in a new browser card, so I could pan around in week view on the calendar and pop up’s I type this I’m wondering, is it also a security problem?  Could one card be sniffing data entered in another card? I already have 36 bookmarks in the prē which brings me to my first criticism. I wish there was more functionality to organize bookmarks.  All you get is a flat list of bookmarks.  The good this is it’s easy to re-order the list.  Simply hold your finger on a bookmark until you’ve grabbed it (a few seconds) then drag it up or down in the list.  You get nice smooth shuffling as it moves.

Things I love less:  The default is to render the whole web page visible.  The prē scales down the font to make this happen.  For example craigslist.org is scaled down to fit the whole site on the screen. It’s pretty unusable as this scale.  Maybe there are more dexterous folk than I out there, but it requires two hand for me to zoom in and out, and I like to browse one handed so I can be doing something else, like eating, mousing on a desktop or driving (kidding).

Note:  this post has been sitting around in a draft state for 4 months.  I figured I should just post it as is.


Too much fun with the phone to blog

When I get any free time I want to play with the phone.  I used flightview this week it worked great, but I think it drained my battery quickly.  Used the sprint navigation when crossing on a ferry.  It was funny to see the car drive across water.  I have a couple draft posts written about using the phone, but so little time to polish them up.

flickr added the pre to photo tracking

Way back on June 7th I submitted a request to flickr because they weren’t recognizing my photos taken with the palm prē.  Well they said they would look into it, but never got back to me.  I see they have it now and it shows 3,357 photos uploaded in just 12 days!  Pretty cool! 


flickr added Palm Pre to their camera model database. on Twitpic

I noticed that the iPhone has 10 million photo’s uploaded to flickr.  That’s a lot of photos.

Along came the prē

Some will be surprised that getting a palm prē is what pushed me into starting a blog.  It would have made more sense to start this thing when Nora was born (photo stream). However, I didn’t think the possible audience was large enough to justify a blog solely dedicated to her, and I wasn’t sure from a privacy point of view I wanted to blog about her.  She is THE MOST FABULOUS little girl in the world, but it’s mostly family that will want updates about her.

As for the prē, I did get one.  I was 3rd in line at my local store, and so that you know what to expect in future posts here is a little backstory;  I like Palm, I still have a Vx and a Centro in the house.  I like the prē so far, it does some cool things and it feels like a great platform, but it needs more to be a smash it.  In general I’d classify myself as a power user of technology.  I usually root for the underdog as I think competition is a powerful driving force for innovation. 

Here is one of the first pictures I snapped with my new phone.

 Nora, the Pre, and me

Here is what I wrote on a pure html page last week just before launch.  In summary I don’t think Sprint did a great job with the launch.  In hindsight maybe they did the best they could with limited supplies.