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Picture of the Month Archive.

Here are all the pictures posted to since I started. Enjoy!  -scott

February 2010

Feb. 2010

I wonder if this means she'll be talking on the phone a lot in the future?

November 2009

Nora and Mia pose at the Evergreen state fair.

March 2009

One Year Old Today! 

Nora plays a little with her one year old present from mom and dad.  A plan toys doll house.

December 2008

beautiful eyes

Nora Grae Tucker looks back at me, "Daddy, let me play with the camera".

June 2008

Giant Baby Terrorizes campsite!

January 2008

We had a baby shower a few weeks ago.  Thank you to all to got us presents and the work to throw the party.  We received lots of great things and enjoyed spending the afternoon with friends.  Here is a picture of one of the cakes from the party.  Our friend Tim made this one, and it was yummy.

October 2007

At the end of our cal-de-sac is a tree that turns early every year.  Happy Fall  -scott

Picture of the month: August 2007

I took a trip recently to St. Louis.  Here is a photo looking straight down at the base of the arch from the top.

July 2007

July 2007

Turns out we have 10 rhododendrons on our property.  I hadn't trimmed them in 4 years and it's turned out to be a two month summer project.

May 2007

Mia's Boxster

Oh, for the want of a sunny day. 

March 2007

Jake in the Snow

We had quite a bit of snow this year, and Jake LOVES! the snow.  Here he is on a walk to the park. That crazed look in his eye is the same one he gets for "squirrel" and "go for a ride". 

February 2007


Our first brand new car.  A 2007 Toyota Prius.  It's fun to drive and you'll see much more about it on the web site in the future.

December 2006


A friend a work convinced me to get off my duff and upgrade my motorcycle. My new motorcycle is a 1996 BMW R1100RSL. I've had it for almost 2 months and it's much more fun to ride than my last motorcycle.

February 2006

Mia and I have been spending some time in Sedona, AZ lately and I thought I would take the time to upload a new picture of of the month. (almost 3 years later).  This is one of the red rock monuments within 2 miles of our Sedona cabin.
If you want to rent the cabin check out this site.

March 2003

Our first, of many, trips to Napa, CA.  If the building looks familiar you might have seen it on the side of a bottle of wine.  Mondovi used this building profile as their signature icon.

December 2002

We put up our Christmas tree!!! Happy Holidays to all.
-scott & mia 12.18.2002

Picture of the week 12.18.2002

Our first house as seen from early public satellite images.  Location, Morgan Hill, CA.  To see what the satellite pictures looks like today check out this

Picture of the week 10.15.2002

A cattle dog in sheep's clothing.

Picture of the week 09.29.2002

In crazy housing market of San Jose, this house was listed as "Open Floorplan" 

Picture of the week 09.22.2002

Portland Headlights.  Portland, ME 

Picture of the week 9.14.2002

Note: This is a panorama of the Boston skyline that we stitched together.

I will try and upload a picture each week. If I get feed back that people are looking at these pictures I may publish an archive. -scott 9.13.02

That's it. no more pictures.   
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